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Automatic Manufacturing Solutions has provided the window and door industry with innovative software solutions for over 25 years.

Fabricators, retailers, and customers benefit from our solutions. It is estimated this automated manufacturing process has produced more than 20,000,000 windows and doors since inception.

Clients large and small benefit from these innovative solutions. We have supplied custom systems for fabricators who produce 10,000 to as many as 400,000 units every year.

Our turnkey window and door ordering system/SAP software provide a complete solution for manufacturers and retailers looking to streamline business and increase sales. Capabilities and our experience in the industry offer proof our Remote Order-Entry System and business intelligence platform are second-to-none on the market.

Make ordering fast and simple, spot trends, and take action. Producing and selling windows and doors has never been easier. Over the years, we have taken a different approach to software automation. Clients worldwide can better utilize their data as a result.

We fully understand the demands and challenges in today’s market. The retail space is more competitive than ever before. View our product offerings and brochures and see how a turnkey remote ordering software system can make the difference!