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Download the BIZ-Intel sale information PDF below.
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BIZ-Intel Features
The ROES window and door ordering system is complimented by our advanced performance analysis tool.

Biz-Intel – Performance Analyzer tracks business activity, allowing you to spot trends quickly and take prompt action. Clients have taken full advantage of how efficient and intuitive ROES is. With this functionality, your doors and window replacement business is able to:
  • Review and Compare more Quotes versus Orders.
  • Sort, Group and/or Filter by Customer, Sales Rep, Date or on your choice of item.
  • Review Product Sales Mix, by Option and Size.
  • The analytical capabilities, when Biz-Intel and our turnkey window ordering system are combined, may yield the following results:
  • A noticeable difference in non-ordered quote rates across products, revealing competitive weaknesses.
  • Closure rate by salesman and selling patterns may illustrate new sales potential.
  • A view of the quotes to orders ratio, and comparison of sales to promotion and advertising.
  • Better value of service/product to the client.
  • Data are filtered so that Fabricator, Sales Rep or Retailer access only appropriate content.
  • Whether used for ordering doors or replacement windows, the following features make using the software easy.
  • Filtered data so fabricators, sales reps, or retailers can access only appropriate content. Users can click and filter on any field to narrow down searches.
  • Simple Drag and Drop fields so users can manipulate the display
  • User-definable Report Layouts, which can be saved and accessed quickly.
  • Data Snapshots to desktop with a single click, enabling critical information to be printed, emailed, or loaded into software as a spreadsheet.
  • Once entered, data are tabulated and graphed for instant comparisons and trend spotting.