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Your business can’t afford to implement a window and door order-entry system that takes years to get on-line.

In fact, many on the market do and cost up to 4x as much as R.O.E.S.

With our Remote Order-Entry System, any windows and doors dealer can take advantage of cutting-edge functionality at a fraction the cost. It can be deployed in 60 days or less. Manufacturers, retailers, and customers gain valuable insight, giving your business a competitive edge.

Let customers obtain fast quotes, view options, and compare window replacement products with ease.
We offer more than a turnkey ordering system. With Biz-Intel, spot sales trends with various filters, and take action on them. Analyze various sales metrics so you know what to offer customers.

Find information on a customizable display and report formats. Important information can be at your fingertips at all times. Spot areas for improvement and not miss any opportunities.
You’ll see our turnkey window ordering system is built for running your business efficiently. Here are just a few features.
  • Fast setup
  • Quick and simple ordering
  • Order revisions and analysis
  • Customized interface
  • Database/branded graphics for retailers
  • Drag and drop display
Enhance your business with our performance analyzer and Remote Order-Entry System. We offer the same features, with no headaches, at a fraction of the cost.
Download the AMS Magic R.O.E.S Brochure.
See and learn about R.O.E.S in our action packed videos. Click here!
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Biz-Intel - Performance Analyzer
See the new Biz-Intel Performance Analyzer