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Download the R.O.E.S. features below.
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R.O.E.S. Features
If you’ve experienced a lag in ordering, boost business with our intuitive, flexible, turkey window and door ordering system. Our Remote Order-Entry System (R.O.E.S) can be fully deployed within 60 days for most clients.

This means a remote window and door ordering system your business can quickly start building its bottom line with.

ROES offers advanced functionality for the following:
  • Manufacturers – Designers can add to-scale geometric data, color combinations, wholesale pricing with no headaches.
  • Retailers – Stores can show products and compare them quickly. They can also add branded logos and graphics, revise orders, and identify trends.
  • Customers – Potential buyers can view all options on a single screen, and then easily place their order.
Flexible – Drawings are to scale, and color combinations easily adjusted. Also view side-by-side retail and wholesale pricing for home windows and more.

Affordable – The fully hosted solution costs less to run, while training and manpower costs are significantly less.

This cost effective, simple system is sure to boost your bottom line and window replacement business, because clients can…
  • Work quickly with clear, simple ordering with to-scale pictures.
  • Duplicate doors, windows, and other items/quotes in one easy step.
  • Revise orders by switching items with one click.
  • Analyze and spot trends using the Biz-Intel Performance Analyzer
ROES also includes advanced features;
  • It is compatible with other systems, avoiding potential conflicts.
  • Helpful when grids, Oriel windows, and other choices are related to size.
  • Twins and other combinations are pre-set or customized via spreadsheet sizing.
  • Supports install locations and elevations.
  • “Pick” and “Click” functionality for creating complex multiple-window combinations.
  • Email documents, whether pre-setup or on the fly.
  • Client database for retailers, with personalized setup.
  • Instant notifications of doors and windows orders, along with full content.
  • Set time limits on quotes and automatically re-price expired quotes.
  • Software draws and aligns, and also includes notch positions, matching the picture and finished product.
  • Compare product series and items from different manufacturers. Flip from one to the other at the touch of a button.
  • Manage display and optional printing of costs, breakdowns, and totals.
In addition, ROES can be implemented with 24/7 hosting from AMS Magic. This lets you eliminate IT procurement, staffing, and operational costs.

By far, the ROES window ordering system is the most cost-effective way to:
  • Reduce order-entry time/complexity.
  • Improve accuracy.
  • Enhance customer service, confidence, and retention.
  • Gain a competitive edge on the windows and doors market.